The Black Diamond Brass has been evolving. In the beginning it was a non-traditional instrumentation, with F Alto Trumpet taking the Horn part and Euphonium in place of the Trombone. The Alto Trumpet is a bit brighter than the Horn (no reflection on the player, of course) and has a somewhat smaller range of playable notes, and the Euphonium a little mellower than Trombone (and just how mellow can a trombone player get?) but versatile in a very different way without having a slide.

Good quintet music is generally written to balance the sound of traditional instrumentation and employ the various instruments' unique technical qualities, and in an effort to make full use of these features a more traditional sound was sought as members of the group dropped out and required replacement. BDB's instrumentation is now that of the common, standard brass quintet: two trumpets, (French) horn, tenor trombone, and tuba.

Our musicians are versatile and experienced, AND they have a lot of fun playing. These are the hallmarks of the best ensembles. Please check out our members. (Just remember to return them when you're done!) For some pictures of the group in action click here.

And while you're here, learn some of the history behind the various instruments. Click on any of the instruments pictured to read their stories.


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Al Francisco-Trumpet

Lee Olds-Trumpet

Todd Frazier-Horn

Mike Lindner-Trombone

Jeff Taylor-Tuba

History of the Trumpet and Cornet

History of the Trumpet and Cornet

History of the (French) Horn

History of the Trombone

History of the Tuba