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Clearly the tallest and best looking cynic of the bunch, Mike is also the newest member. He grew up in So. California and started playing the trombone in Junior high. He went on to Cal State Long Beach and received a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. During this time he played in many different school groups and musical groups ranging from the L.A. Doctor's Symphony to the Alice in Wonderland Marching Band at Disneyland. He studied privately with David Van Fleet and this is how he met his wife, Pam, who also received trombone lessons.

They moved to the northwest in '87 and consequently shelved the trombones for many years while they raised two children. Mike then began playing again in various groups ranging from big bands to musicals to community bands and becoming principal trombonist of Rainier Symphony for many years. He and his wife formed a trombone quartet, "A Fourbone Conclusion" several years ago and have performed often with that group.

Currently Mike is a long standing member of Gateway Concert Band (though the trombones are allowed to sit occasionally) and a fairly regular sub for Brass Band Northwest on both trombone and baritone. He has worked as a local pick up and delivery driver for Viking Freight System, now known as FedEx Freight for 32 years.

Mike brings to the Black Diamond Brass Quintet a quick wit, some musicianship and a fairly long right arm.


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